Temperature High

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This sensor has the capability to measure temperatures over two different ranges, and, when used with a low thermal mass probe, is ideal for measuring either very fast or very small changes in temperature.

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The Temperature High sensor uses a type K thermocouple to measure temperature over two ranges. It offers the benefit, with a low thermal mass probe, of measuring very small or fast changes in temperature such as the change when a gas is compressed using the Volume Sensor (product code S1938). In the high range it can be used to measure the temperature of a Bunsen flame right down to the very low sublimation point of solid CO2.


Sensor Range:

  • – 200 ºC to 1200 ºC, res 1 ºC, or
  • – 20 ºC to 120 ºC, res 0.2 ºC

Applications Include:

  • Bunsen Flame Profile
  • Sublimation Point

Optional accessories: