What is IoT@School

IoT@School is a framework designed to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into the classroom through small and big environmental data collection, sharing and collaboration. This consists of two key components; devices for data collection and the exploratory for data visualisation and data sharing.

What is "The Internet of Things"?

Data is being gathered around us all the time, whether by weather stations monitoring rainfall, streetlamps that turn on when the light level gets too low or carbon dioxide sensors measuring CO2 levels in urban areas. The Internet of Things, so to speak, joins the dots. Increasingly data is being stored in the cloud so that machines can inform each other of data gathered in other locations and so that anyone can access the data all over the world.

Our IoT@School Projects

What does this mean for education?

Thanks to IoT@School, investigations are no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. Where previously students might have carried out an investigation on energy consumption using a model circuit they now can use sensors to measure the actual energy consumption in their own classroom.

That data is then uploaded to the IoT@School Exploratory and can be visualised and shared with other schools around the world. The data can also be analysed as part of a much wider data set, turning an experiment contrived solely for learning purposes into a chance to explore live data in the real world.

We have produced IoT learning resources and activities to take advantage of. Take a look at the exciting ways to use IoT@School in the classroom by visiting the ScienceScope Exploratory website.

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