BBC Microbit Standard Banne V4

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The micro:bit is a small handheld device designed specifically to make programming accessible and straight forward to teach and learn. It enables beginners to learn programming with instant practical results using the 25 LED matrix screen, buttons and on-board sensors.

The micro:bit was designed by an extensive partnership including the BBC, Microsoft, Samsung and ScienceScope an accessible introduction to coding for school students across the UK. The partnership gave one device to every year 7 student or equivalent in the UK from the 2015-2016 academic year.

The micro:bit is now available to buy and ScienceScope have designed a number kits, add-ons and accessories to increase the functionality of the micro:bit as well as make it easier to use. To get you started ScienceScope have included activities all of our products that will help you learn how to code with the micro:bit.






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