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If you’re new to programming or looking for an effective tool to help teach it then Dr Bit is the software package for you. Dr Bit was developed by Insight Resources in collaboration with ScienceScope and is aimed at entry level programming using the BBC micro:bit. Do you know what programming syntax is? No matter – Dr Bit is a programming language for coding in plain English. “When button is pressed turn on red light” is an example of how easy it is to understand and program Dr Bit is.

Dr Bit offers a practical and real world understanding to programming through real world scenarios that can be programmed to suit your needs.

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  • Program the BBC micro:bit in plain English
  • Create real world scenarios
  • Show images, animations, messages and graphs
  • Control external devices connected to the micro:bit
  • Design and play games
  • Make measurements and do calculations
  • Compose and play musical tunes

You decide on inputs and outputs, Dr Bit offers you choices and uses them to build a program script in plain English. You can run your scripts using the run mode simulator to see how your code works and any adjustments need to be made.  Then, at the touch of a button, Dr Bit controls the BBC micro:bit via Bluetooth wireless or USB connection.


Dr Bit is compatible with Windows PC versions 7 to 10.


The single user license is a local installer for individual usage.

The network license is an msi installer for network distribution of unlimited users.

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