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Thanks for stopping by. Let us introduce ourselves. We are an education technology company based at Downside school near Bath, UK. We play a pioneering role in the development of digital skills and IoT in education, equipping young people for their future and contributing towards a more sustainable world.

IoT@School - Our Vision

IoT@School is a framework designed to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into the classroom through small and big environmental data collection, sharing and collaboration.

This consists of two key components; devices for data collection and the exploratory for data visualisation and data sharing.

Sustainable Development

The UN’s sustainable development goals are a global call to action and here at ScienceScope we want to answer this call. 

Our aim is to give students and adults alike, the tools and resources to aid their growth with technology and to see change in digital education around the world.

We see an ever growing demand for digital skills in the workplace which is why our vision is to see a dramatic growth in digital education throughout the curriculum across multiple subject areas.

MicroMaker Education is an education technology solution provider dedicated to bringing digital technologies into schools and communities around the world by integrating coding and crafting into STEM Education.

View the full product range, including 80+ hours of curriculum STEM resources at the MicroMaker website.

Featured Products

Colorimeter, lead and power supply
£136.00 excl VAT

This Colorimeter provides a cost effective

£49.50 excl VAT

The DynaKar is a unique product

DynaKar Class Teaching Kit
£699.00 excl VAT

The DynaKar class teaching kit has

Logbook Lightgate Kit Including Logbook Timing and 2 Lightgates
£69.00 excl VAT

The Logbook Lightgate Kit is a bundle

ML Datalogger
Logbook ML Datalogger 5 Pack – Basic
£765.00 excl VAT

The ML Datalogger with its built

ML Datalogger
Logbook ML Datalogger 5 Pack- Environmental
£1,134.00 excl VAT

5 Pack. The ML Datalogger with

ML Datalogger
Logbook ML Datalogger 5 Pack – Standard
£832.50 excl VAT

5 Pack. The ML Datalogger with

ML Datalogger
Logbook ML Datalogger – Basic
£170.00 excl VAT

The ML Datalogger with its built

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The UK Government announced huge investment to shield schools from high energy bills and boost available budgets.

Introduce smart energy monitoring to your school, to begin making huge savings on your school's energy bills this coming Winter.
ScienceScopeIoT photo
ScienceScope is currently offering a discounted price across the whole DynaKar Product Range. ScienceScopeIoT photo
Energy Monitoring Offering - ScienceScope announced the launch of our Energy Monitoring Packages in April, available through the Exploratory website. ScienceScopeIoT photo


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