i-Log for Micro:Bit

Unlock more micro:bit potential and turn the micro:bit into a powerful datalogger, brought to life by the new iLog for micro:bit software package.

Use the micro:bit’s on board sensors along with MicroMaker Education add on sensors to conduct essential scientific investigations in the classroom or at home.

iLog for Micro:bit is compatible with micro:bit version 1 and 2

Micro:Bit features

Datalogging with iLog

iLOG collects data from the micro:bit via USB or Bluetooth wireless.  There are several collection modes providing real-time logging (as it happens), remote logging (download data from the micro:bit’s memory), snapshot logging, oscilloscope, and timing measurements.

iLog features

Data shows in a choice of windows simultaneously; Graph, Bar chart, Table and as large digits. Graph axes are easily scaled by stretch, squeeze, scroll and zoom actions.

The micro:bit contains sensors for acceleration, magnetic field, temperature, and light. iLOG can show data from all these as well as from external sensors connected to the input pins.

Cursor tools for obtaining values from the graph: Readings, Change, Average, Gradient, Rate of Change, Ratio, Area, Time interval.  Curve fitting tools.  Calculation tools to generate customised functions.
Precision timing facilities for measurements of velocity, acceleration momentum, and energy.
The unique Insight modeling system for generating data from customised variables and formulae.
Data Files
Saving and loading data in a variety of formats including set-up files saving customised screens.
Scripted experiments and sample data files.

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