Product Instruction Sheets

Sensors 2

Accelerometer 3 Axis (S1690)

Carbon Dioxide (S1934)

Carbon Monoxide (S1918)

Colorimeter (S1626)

Current 1mA (S1854)

Current 100mA (S1855)

Current 1A (S1856)

Current 10A (S1857)

DynaKar (S2012)

Electrosmog Basic (S1850)

Force Sensor Dual Range (S1916)

Humidity (S1867)

Laser (S1806)

Light (S1074)

Light Advanced (S1862)

Light Gates (S1104)

Logbook GLE GPS (S1326)

Logbook ML (S1315)

Logbook ML Primary (S1321)

Micro:bit Breakout Board Assembly Instructions (S8002)

Micro:bit Breakout Board User Instructions (S8002)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Joystick (S7008)

Micro:Bit CoderKit LDR (S7006)

Micro:Bit CoderKit LDR Assembly Images (S7006)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Temperature (S7007)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Temperature Assembly Images (S7007)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Traffic Lights (S7005)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Traffic Lights Assembly Images (S7005)

Micro:bit GVS Breakout Board (S8075)

Micro:Bit GVS Controller Kit (S8073)

Micro:Bit Joystick (8005)

Micro:Bit Plant Watering System (S8014)

Micro:Bit Primary Starter Set (S8058)

Micro:bit School Prototyping Kit Assembly Instructions (S8056)

Micro:bit School Prototyping Kit User Instructions (S8056)

Micro:Bit Soil Moisture Sensor (S8012)

Micro:Bit Sound Cable (S8007)

Micro:Bit Starter Kit (S8053)

Micro:Bit Water Pump (S8013)

pH Advanced (S1802)

pH Basic (S1865)

Sound (S1843)

Temperature (S1698)

VOC (S1922)

Voltage 1V (S1859)

Voltage 5V (S1860)

Voltage 20V (S1861)

Volume (S1938)

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