Archive Product Instruction Sheets

Accelerometer 3 Axis (S1690)

Logbook GLE GPS (S1326)

Micro:bit Breakout Board Assembly Instructions (S8002)

Micro:bit Breakout Board User Instructions (S8002)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Joystick (S7008)

Micro:Bit CoderKit LDR (S7006)

Micro:Bit CoderKit LDR Assembly Images (S7006)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Temperature (S7007)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Temperature Assembly Images (S7007)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Traffic Lights (S7005)

Micro:Bit CoderKit Traffic Lights Assembly Images (S7005)

Micro:bit GVS Breakout Board (S8075)

Micro:Bit GVS Controller Kit (S8073)

Micro:Bit Joystick (8005)

Micro:Bit Plant Watering System (S8014)

Micro:Bit Primary Starter Set (S8058)

Micro:bit School Prototyping Kit Assembly Instructions (S8056)

Micro:bit School Prototyping Kit User Instructions (S8056)

Micro:Bit Soil Moisture Sensor (S8012)

Micro:Bit Sound Cable (S8007)

Micro:Bit Starter Kit (S8053)

Micro:Bit Water Pump (S8013)

pH Advanced (S1802)

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