The DynaKar is a unique product that simplifies dynamics investigations in science, eliminating the need for lightgates and trolleys. It communicates with the computer via a wireless device to create distance and velocity graphs.

The DynaKar is extremely versatile and can be rolled along a simple ramp, or the loop track; alternatively accessories and masses can be easily attached for collision, air resistance and weight and mass investigations.


  • Easy setup with no drivers required
  • Wireless communication to the computer
  • 100 samples per second
  • Resolution better than 1mm
  • Powered by 2xAA batteries
  • Applications
  • Velocity and acceleration dynamics investigations
  • Collision investigations
  • Crumple zone investigations


The software package required for the DynaKar is Insight iLOG VideoLab SELogbook Graphing 32/64 bit.

Each DynaKar is supplied with with a single user license of the software. If you require a new copy of the software please email us on sales@sciencescope.uk. 

Install the software, connect the DynaKar and you’re away!


BETT awards 2013 – Finalist

DynaKar Product Range

£49.50 excl VAT

The DynaKar is a unique product that simplifies

DynaKar 1 Metre Track
£40.00 excl VAT

This 1 meter track designed specifically for use

DynaKar 3 Metre Loop Track
£70.00 excl VAT

This 3 meter loop track, designed specifically for

DynaKar Class Teaching Kit
£699.00 excl VAT

The DynaKar class teaching kit has been put

DynaKar Small Teaching Kit
£349.00 excl VAT

For further information on the products included please

DynaKar Exchange (Return of faulty DynaKar required)
£25.00 excl VAT

The DynaKar is a unique product that simplifies

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