Logbook Graphing

Logbook Graphing Software range

The Logbook Graphing Software is a software package which can be used in conjunction with the Logbook product range including the ML Datalogger, Logbook GLE and Colorimeter.

Logbook Graphing Secondary

The Logbook Graphing Secondary single user license supports up to 1 user at a time.

For use with Windows Operating Systems.

Logbook Graphing Secondary Network

The Logbook Graphing Secondary network user license supports up to 500 users at a time.

For use with Windows Operating Systems.

Using the Quick log function

The following video shows how to use the quick log function.

Product support

This product line has been discontinued.

As such, no stock of this item will be maintained or be made available to order for the foreseeable future.

Please contact sales@sciencescope.uk if you require support with this product.

iLog Video Lab SE Timing software

Insight iLOG VideoLab SE is the latest enhancement of Insight iLOG Studio for use with the ScienceScope Logbook datalogging range.

Insight iLog VideoLab SE can be purchased as a single user license for local/single device installation or a network user license for up to 500 users and msi network installation capabilities.

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