Volume (Gas & 60cc Syringe)

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This unique product from ScienceScope makes investigating of gas laws and titrations much more simple

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The Volume (Gas & 60cc Syringe) sensor is a unique product from ScienceScope that makes investigating gas laws and titrations simple. There are two interchangeable syringes to make this sensor both a 60cc volume sensor and a volume gas syringe.


Sensor Range:

Volume 60cc

  • 0 to 60cc, res 0.1cc

Volume Gas Syringe

  • 0 to 55cc, res 0.1cc

Applications Include:

Volume 60cc

  • Boyles Law
  • Charles Law
  • Titrations

Volume Gas Syringe

  • Marble chips and Hydrochloric acid
  • Photosynthesis analysis