Current ±1 mA

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The Current Sensor works with both negative and positive currents and both DC and AC (up to 10KHz). It can also be used alongside other Logbook Current and Voltage sensors.

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These sensors are designed to measure variations in current, both positive and negative. They work from DC up to 10 KHz and can be used together with other Logbook Current and Voltage Sensors anywhere in a circuit with a supply voltage range of less than 24 volts.


Sensor Range:

  • ± 1 m Amps, res 0.002 mA

Applications Include:

  • Ohms Law
  • Series & Parallel circuits
  • Battery testing
  • Current surge

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Charge
  • Power, Energy
  • Voltage (if circuit resistance is known)
  • RMS Current
  • Resistance and many more