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Pressure (Absolute 0 – 200 KPa)

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This sensor measures absolute pressure and is ideal for studying the gas laws. It can measure a wide range of pressures, from higher pressures down to that of a vacuum.

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This sensor is ideal for the investigation of gas laws. It measures absolute pressure so that in a normal room environment it will measure the atmospheric pressure which is approximately 100KPa. It can therefore measure both a vacuum and higher pressures. When used with the Volume Sensor (product code S1938) it is easy to investigate the relationship between pressure and volume.


Sensor Range:

  • 0 to 200 KPa , res 1KPa
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 10 ms

Applications Include:

  • Vapour pressure measurements
  • Chemical reaction rates
  • Gas Laws

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Inverse pressure


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