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This sensor can be used to measure the sound in normal environments, down to very low levels, and, due to its very fast response, can be paired with another to measure the speed of sound.

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The Sound sensor is suitable for investigating the sound level in normal working environments, and even down to very low levels such as the dawn chorus. It has ranges for sound waves either in dB or in KPa. The sensor has a fast response and therefore two sensors placed a few metres apart can be used to measure the speed of sound.

Sensor Range:

  • 30 to 110dB or ±90 mPa, res 1dB
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 50 μs

Applications Include:

  • Speed of sound
  • Sound levels in and out of the classroom
  • Dawn chorus recording

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Beat Period
  • Total beats


Investigations using our sound sensor

Sound sensor setupUnderstanding Sound
A simple experiment to investigate sound.

Equipment needed:
A sound sensor
A logbook ML
Logbook Graphing Software