GL and GLE Trade In

Trade in your unwanted Logbook GL and GLE dataloggers and get new products such as the DynaKar or pH probe pens for free. See below for trade values.

Complete the form or contact us via email or telephone to register your interest in our trade in offer

Trade In Value

1 x Logbook GL or GLE = £20.00 

1 x Logbook GL or GLE = 1 x pH Probe Pen

5 x Logbook GL or GLE = 1 x DynaKar

Logbook GL and GLE dataloggers can be traded in for a value of £20.00 each. This can be put towards or cover the entire cost of any our products except those listed in product exclusions below.

*Product exclusions apply. This trade in offer cannot be used against products S8000, S7999 or S7997.

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