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We offer 50% discount on individual DynaKars and 30% discount on DynaKar teaching bundles.

Logbook ML Datalogger

Buy a pack of 5 Logbook ML dataloggers. 

Teaching Bundles

Take advantage of our teaching kits designed to offer class sets at a reduced cost.

Featured Products

Colorimeter, lead and power supply
£136.00 excl VAT

This Colorimeter provides a cost effective

£49.50 excl VAT

The DynaKar is a unique product

DynaKar Class Teaching Kit
£699.00 excl VAT

The DynaKar class teaching kit has

Logbook Lightgate Kit Including Logbook Timing and 2 Lightgates
£69.00 excl VAT

The Logbook Lightgate Kit is a bundle

Logbook ML Datalogger – Basic
£170.00 excl VAT

The ML Datalogger with its built

Logbook ML Datalogger – Environmental
£252.00 excl VAT

The ML Datalogger with its built

Logbook ML Datalogger – Standard
£185.00 excl VAT

The ML Datalogger with its built

S1802 pH probe advanced
pH Probe Sensor – advanced
£74.95 excl VAT

This sensor measures pH levels from

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