Logbook ML Datalogger pack of 5

£499.95 excl VAT

The Logbook ML with its built in sensors is a comprehensive datalogger for those who require the “out of the box” solution. There are three in built sensors that include temperature, light and sound along with two additional din inputs further sensors to be connected. The internal sensors and any additional sensors connected to the din input sockets will be immediately recognized and show the values in SI units on the LCD screen. This pack of 5 set is everything you need for datalogging experiments with a classroom full of students.

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Logbook Features:

  • Meter Mode displays sensor values in the appropriate scientific units for all channels
  • Auto recognition of all Logbook sensors supplied by ScienceScope
  • Recording Mode displays sensor values, recording status and allows the selection of Autoroll and snapshot recording types
  • Fast Recording allows triggering on up to two channels and has a data-buffer built in. The buffer allows pre-trigger data to be logged of fast events, such as the current induced in a coil.


  • 5 x ML datalogger
  • 5 x Single copy of Logbook Graphing Secondary Software (download link for the 32 and 64 bit version will be included in the confirmation email)
  • 5 x USB lead
  • 5 x Temperature Probe

ML information sheet:

Click here for our ML information sheet: ML info sheet

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