Oxygen Probe – Dissolved

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This sensor is designed to measure oxygen concentrations and is ideal for investigating topics such as photosynthesis and respiration.

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This Oxygen Probe – Dissolved sensor is designed to measure oxygen concentrations. Built-in electronics provide temperature compensation for dissolved oxygen levels in water. When used with Logbook Graphing, accurate calibration using the set 100% feature is available.


Sensor Range:

  • 0 to 240 % dissolved Oxygen, where 100 % is oxygen-saturated water at 20 °C, res 1%
  • 0 to 20 mg dm-3, res 0.1 mg dm-3
  • Temperature range 0 ºC to 50 ºC
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 1 second

Special Features:

  • Auto-temperature compensation

Applications Include:

  • Compare temperature vs dissolved oxygen levels
  • Effects of organic matter on O2 levels
  • Water quality
  • Photosynthesis and respiration