Innovation Board

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Introducing the Innovation board for the micro:bit!

Be creative with this plug and play board and connect sensors, motors and components to the micro:bit.

The board offers a wide variety of connections to the micro:bit including 3 ADC, 3 digital, 1 SPI and 2 I2C. Furthermore, the innovation board includes 2 powered connectors to power motors up to 24V.

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The innovation board is included as part of the innovation kit which also includes a variety of sensors, motors and components.


ADC1 – P0 + P3 (Analogue)
ADC2 – P1 + P4 (Analogue)
ADC3 – P2 + P10 (Analogue)
IO1 – P16 + P12 (Digital)
IO2 – P8 + P9 (Powered Digital)
IO3 – P6 + P7 (Powered Digital)
SPI – P13 + P14

Power supply not included