Internet of School Things

iost Final logoThe Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting machines together through the internet so that they can communicate and share data. It is a concept that is increasingly being talked about as the next stage in internet evolution.

It wasn’t long before technology specialists working in the field of education began to pick up on the potential of the concept for schools and in 2013 Innovate UK funded an £800 000 project to start to create an ‘Internet of School Things’ (IoST). The project was the first of its kind in the world and connected eight schools in the UK through a cloud‑based data hub, the Distance Exploratory.

The schools in the project were able to use sensing equipment to study the environment and share the data through the Exploratory. That way they could see the results of other schools’ experiments and compare them with their own.

At the end of that project, the concept was expanded to a further 25 schools in Peterborough each of which was given a weather station. All of the live data can be explored online and students are able to study even very small weather differences across the city.

This year ScienceScope is launching a similar project in Singapore which will connect a further 5 schools in Singapore to the Distance Exploratory. It is hoped that it will be an exciting experience for all students and teachers involved as they collaborate and share data across the globe.

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