The micro:bit is coming!

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The micro:bit design

In the autumn term the BBC, along with an extensive partnership, plans to give away around one million of pocket-sized coding devices, primarily to children in year 7 or equivalent. The device has been designed as an accessible introduction to coding which will enable anyone to learn how to code in a fun and exciting way.

Who is eligible for a free micro:bit?
Every child in the UK who is in year 7 or equivalent will be eligible to receive a free micro:bit. The device will be theirs to own but will be distributed through schools as the most effective way to ensure all children get them. There will also be an allocation for teachers of year 7 classes to facilitate teaching with the micro:bit in class.

How can I make sure my school receives its micro:bits?
The BBC has  provided a micro:bit registration page where teachers can register their school for its free micro:bits.

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Microsoft’s TouchDevelop Programming Environment

What if I am not eligible for a free device?
The BBC and its partnership are very aware that many others will want to get their hands on a micro:bit even if they are not eligible to receive a free one. It is an ideal teaching tool for all levels because it can be used to code very simple programs but is also suitable for advanced and complex programming.  The BBC will be licensing the micro:bit system to make it commercially available shortly after the free rollout. The pre-order would include the micro:bit device, access to the Microsoft TouchDevelop programming environment and the ARM mbed compiler you need to program your micro:bit. Pre-orders will be available from ScienceScope, please get in touch to register your interest.

Where can I find out more?
We will be providing updates, lesson plans, tutorials and other information about the micro:bit on our dedicated micro:bit page throughout the project. Check regularly to find out the latest! You can also read more about the partnership, technical specifications, legacy and getting support on the following BBC pages:

The BBC micro:bit
The BBC micro:bit partnership
The micro:bit legacy
The micro:bit technical specifications
Micro:bit support

Increasingly other great resources are becoming available such as the Quick Start Teacher Guide, which is now available online.

BBC Make It Digital. BBC Broadcasting House. 7/7/15

David Crellin, CEO of ScienceScope with the other micro:bit partners at the Launch in May 2015

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