ZEP Island

ZEP Island

What is ZEP Island?

ZEP Island is a STEM learning program based on a scale-model sustainable community of ‘Zero Emissions People’ (“ZEPs”).

To avoid adverse consequences of climate change each one of us has to strive to get as close to ‘zero emissions’ as possible. This opens up a wealth of learning opportunities. 

ZEP Island is about using STEM to design and build a model ‘zero emissions’ environment. The core challenge is to model sustainable scenarios for supporting life, and the aim of the program is to maximise the number of ZEPs you can sustainably support using an A2 (420mm x 594mm) space. The more STEM and design thinking the students apply, the more water, food, energy and shelter they can provide, and the more ZEPs can live on their island.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN’s sustainable development goals, (SDGs) are a global call to action and MicroMaker Education want to answer this call. Education is the foundation of sustainable development and we see ZEP Island as a fantastic tool to assist in meeting some of these goals.

In order to build a zero emissions community, equipment and lesson resources are required. The ZEP Island starter kit contains a detailed guide for students and teachers, including assessment guidelines. Equipment required such as a solar panel for generating electricity and a micro:bit based water irrigation system to assist in growing food are also included.

With this stater kit you can begin creating your zero emissions community ready to add ZEPs once enough food, water, energy and shelter have been created.

The starter kit is packaged into a multi functional gratnells tray for ease of storage. Since launching at BETT UK in 2020, ZEP Island is now available for purchase from our webstore.

Introducing the ZEP Island online course. 30+ hours of STEM learning resources for the classroom and distance learning. In collaboration with the ZEP Island starter kit, these resources take you on a journey to building your model zero emissions community.

With the current threat of school closures across globe, MicroMaker and our partner, Learn-Tech.io have made the online course freely available to all irrespective of whether you own the ZEP Island starter kit.

The buttons below will direct you to the registration instructions for the student and teacher versions of the online course. 

ZEP Island online course has been developed by our partner Learn-Tech.io.

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