ZEP Island Starter Kit

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Build your own, model zero-emissions community with the ZEP Island starter kit and delve into a multitude of STEM subject areas including; design, coding, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics whilst focussing on the overarching concept of sustainable development in the classroom.

ZEP Island focusses on 4 areas of sustainability; water, food, energy and shelter. All of which are key to maintaining a sustainable future for future generations.

The starter kit contains a detailed guide for students and teachers, including assessment guidelines. Equipment required such as a solar panel for generating electricity and a micro:bit based water irrigation system to assist in growing food are also included.

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*Micro:bit not included.

Add a micro:bit, USB cable and battery for £12.00/$15.00


ZEP Island is a STEM learning program based on a scale-model sustainable community of ‘Zero Emissions People’ (“ZEPs”).

To avoid adverse consequences of climate change each one of us has to strive to get as close to ‘zero emissions’ as possible. This opens up a wealth of learning opportunities.

ZEP Island is about using STEM to design and build a model ‘zero emissions’ environment. The core challenge is to model sustainable scenarios for supporting life, and the aim of the program is to maximise the number of ZEPs you can sustainably support using an A2 (420mm x 594mm) space. The more STEM and design thinking the students apply, the more water, food, energy and shelter they can provide, and the more ZEPs can live on their island.


– Solar Panel
– USB Charge Controller
– Innovation Board
– Moisture Sensor
– Aquarium Pump
– Tubing
– USB A – USB Micro B Cable
– Power Cable
– MicroMaker Connector Cable
– ZEPs x 20
– Battery