Launch of MicroMaker Education

2019-12-11 Off By Admin
Launch of MicroMaker Education

We’ve been perfecting our MicroMaker kits over the last year and we are really pleased with the range that we offer. 

They are now available on our website here.

Tell me more about the kits!

There are three ranges; Foundation, Innovation and Investigation. Our Foundation Kits are the beginning of the road on your digital education journey. They cover a range of subject areas, including Science, Foreign Languages and Control. Along with the curriculum based lesson material provided, the kits will give an entry level understanding of how technology and programming can be used across a variety of subject matters. 

Each kit comes with a curriculum booklet clearly explaining how to use the micro:bit with the various accessories for each different lesson plan. Our lesson plans are also available on our website here.

Our Innovation and Investigation Kits are the next stage in your digital education journey. The Innovation Kit takes creativity to a whole new level. It includes a vast array of components and sensors that can be connected and controlled by the Micro:bit using the MicroMaker innovation board. More details of our Investigation Kits are coming soon so watch this space! 

We are excited to be introducing this range of kits which are easy to use in the classroom and will help aid students in their digital education across a range of subjects. If you want to know anything more about our kits, do get in contact and one of our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you may have.