TAPS Challenge

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TAPS Challenge

Last week ScienceScope, Skill exchange Makerspace and MicroMaker ran an event called TAPS Challenge in Sebokeng, South Africa. The aim of this event was to have local school students come and build community challenges in manufacturing to help solve real world 21st century problems.

What is TAPS Challenge?

TAPS Challenge is a problem-solving platform and social innovation concept that is being designed to facilitate community solutions design and development. It helps economically, geographically and socially excluded communities, design and build technology solutions to meet the biggest challenges across industries, with a specific focus on STEAM to help solve real 21st Century problems.

The Event

The TAPS Challenge event ran over the course of a week and was structured into set days for different aspects of the challenge.

Day 1 was induction day. Participants were introduced to the challenge.

Days 2 – 5 were all about ideas and design. Over these 4 days the participants had the opportunity to discuss ideas, ideate and prototype their designs before presenting them for selection for the TAPS Challenge event.

Days 6 and 7 were the TAPS Challenge event itself. Here participants designed proof of designs. 

Participant Induction

Day 1: Introduction, Preparation & Participant Screening

Design the Solution

Day 2: Empathize & Define

Day 3: Ideate

Day 4: Prototype & Testing

Day 5: Product pitch and prototype selection

TAPS Challenge Event I: Alpha Phase Workshop (Making)

Day 6: Proof of concept prototype

Day 7: Appearance Prototype


Images of the Event


For more informaition about TAPS Challenge go to the challenge web page.