Logbook ML Datalogger – Lightgate Kit

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This Logbook Lightgate Kit is a bundle put together for new users of the ScienceScope products. It includes everything you will need from equipment to software to get begin conducting multiple momentum and collision investigations.

Logbook ML Datalogger - Basic

The ML Datalogger with its built in sensors is a comprehensive datalogger for those who require the "out of the box" solution.

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Power Adapter for Logbook ML and Colorimeter

This power adapter is for use with the Logbook dataloggers and the Colorimeter.

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Lightgate × 2

Our infra-red lightgates have been designed so that they are not affected by incidental light from sunlight or internal lights, and are much simpler to arrange, as they are based on reflective technology, and therefore are not restricted by an arching arm.

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The Logbook Lightgate Kit provides a comprehensive set of equipment and software allowing users to conduct multiple momentum and collision investigations. The kit includes 2 Logbook Lightgates (product code S1104), iLOG and 1 Logbook ML Datalogger.

Provide an email address at the checkout to obtain a copy of the iLog Datalogging software included.

A link to download the software will be sent to the email address provided.


Sensor Features:

  • Not affected by incidental light
  • Not restricted by an arching arm


  • Vehicle velocity
  • Vehicle Acceleration
  • g by freefall
  • Elastic collisions
  • Inelastic collisions


  • 2 Logbook Lightgates
  • iLog
  • Logbook ML Datalogger – Standard

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