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Colorimeter (with 10 cuvettes & 5 caps)

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This Colorimeter provides a cost effective colorimetry solution for schools, and perfect use with the A-Level Biology core practical assessments.

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The ScienceScope Colorimeter is a popular means of providing  a cost-effective colorimetry solution. It benefits from the robust ScienceScope Logbook design and is simple to use with it’s 2 user button interface and it’s “touch-of-a-button auto-calibration. The Colorimeter also uses the standard cuvette size.

This Colorimeter can be used as a stand-alone product and is powered by a PP3 battery or an external power supply (product code S1073). When connected to a ScienceScope Logbook datalogger it can be used as a sensor for use with Logbook Graphing software.

A range of preset wavelengths can be selected using LED technology to provide 6 spectral bands without filters or moving parts.



Sensor Range:

  • Transmission 0 – 100%
  • Absorbance 0 – 2.4
  • Minimum recommend sample interval is 1 second

Spectral Bands:

  • Red, working at 650nm
  • Red, working at 629nm
  • Amber, working at 590nm
  • Green, working at 525nm
  • Blue, working at 470nm
  • Violet, working at 428nm


  • Measurement of chemical concentrations using Beer’s Law
  • Rate or reaction
  • Growth rate of yeast


  • 10 Cuvettes
  • 10 Cuvette Caps
  • 9V PP3 battery



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