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What is meaSense

Our new meaSense range is an ever expanding selection of sensors designed using arduino technology specifically for use without the need for a datalogger. The range links in with our leading datalogging software package, Logbook Graphing for basic to advanced data analysis which makes it idea for all situations from school classroom to data analysis professional.


How do they work

With the datalogger being the most expensive part of any sensing kit it is a huge cost saver to be able to bypass the datalogger and connect directly to PC or laptop. The meaSense range does exactly that by using using a standard USB connection between sensor and device.

They are designed using the ever more popular arduino technology which makes home customization possible. If you wish to explore and find out more about this please contact us through our contact us page.


Current meaSense sensor range


Coming soon

  • pH
  • Distance Infra Red