Innovation Lessons

It is time to innovate! Work through the 3 sections of the innovation kit lesson structure and become a master innovator. 

Begin by completing the booklet activities to learn how to code the innovation kit components, sensors and motors. An electronic version of the booklet can be found below in section 1.

Next, complete the lessons below in section 2 to take your digital skills to the next level. Learn how to inputs can be used to affect outputs and motors and understand how that process works.

Finally, take the skills gained from sections 1 and 2 and INNOVATE! Section 3 requires you to come up with your own innovations using the micro:bit and your coding skills. Share your innovations with on socials using #digitaleducationjourney. We would love to see your ideas!

Section 1: Innovation Kit Booklet

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Section 2: Innovation Lessons

Traffic Lights

With the innovation Bi Colour LEDs, create a model traffic light sequence.

Drink Reminder

In school, work or at home, its always important to drink regularly. Why not create your own drink reminder with the micro:bit.

Soil Moisture

Design and build an alert system for measuring a plant’s soil moisture.

Dimmer Switch

Create a practical tool used in the real world whilst gaining further understanding of analogue inputs.

Temperature Gauge

Make a temperature that is more visual. Incorporate crafting skills into coding and build your very own temperature gauge with sensors, motors and everyday household materials.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers can be useful for all sorts of activities from cooking to exercise to children’s games. Why not design your own using the micro:bit whilst learning intermediate coding skills. 

Night Light

Explore real world applications with the micro:bit and your code. Create a responsive night light and build your coding knowledge by using IF statements.

Section 3: Innovate!

Create your own innovations and share them with us on socials using #digitaleducationjourney. Good Luck!

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