Expo2020 Live Dubai

ScienceScope has been fortunate to receive grant funding from Expo 2020 Live to develop Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives in education in the UAE and globally.

ScienceScope has developed an IoT solution for education called, IoT@School which seeks to connect schools to a global educational community and to build partnerships between schools and business, local government and the wider public. Students can share data gathered and will increasingly be able to collaborate on investigations with students on the other side of the world.

The data collected by schools can also be used in smart-city planning by businesses or government and can be used by the public to improve their understanding of their environment. This has particularly exciting potential in the area of sustainability because data can be collected on air quality and weather, which will improve people’s awareness of their impact on the environment.

Expo 2020 Initiatives: ScienceScope Participation

Below is an interview with ScienceScope’s CEO, David Crellin. Here he explains our plans for developing these initiatives building up to Expo 2020 in Dubai.

UK at Expo 2020 Dubai: Young Voices

We at ScienceScope are delighted to participate in the Expo 2020 Dubai Initiative, aiming to raise awareness of how the UK is supporting young people to innovate for a shared future at Expo 2020 Dubai.

British education has supported some of the most inventive, collaborative and creative minds in history and continues to lift up young voices who will shape and develop the world in which our children and future generations will live.

Below the Young Voices of the Future video highlights the need to support innovation of the youth of today for a better future tomorrow.


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