Amidst the adversity of Covid-19, ScienceScope, along with a partnership of 3 other businesses and one university commenced a 2 year, Innovate UK funded project called eDigiT2Life. Evolving digital twins to optimize whole life performances of new buildings.

Understanding how buildings perform in regards to comfort, air quality and usability is something that until now has been widely overlooked. Yes, new buildings are fitted with building management systems (BMS) to monitor and control attributes such as temperature and air flow to name a few. However, these systems generally control the here and now and are not capable of offering predictive qualities in regards to energy saving and others. 

In this project we aim to address a wider range of attributes and to build a digital twin of the buildings in question. Using a collection of sensor data taken from inside and outside of the buildings along with feedback from users of the buildings a digital twin will be created.

ScienceScope Involvement

ScienceScope has a long track record of designing IoT sensing solutions for education and commercial use. To create a successful digital twin a vast array of sensors and user feedback tools need to be implemented across the buildings which is where ScienceScope comes in. We are tasked with 3 key areas, identifying sensors required to create an accurate picture of the various environments throughout the buildings, supplying the necessary sensing solutions and user feedback tools, and consulting on the data output from the digital twin.

We very much look forward to the next 2 years of this project and will update with further information on this page throughout.

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