Digital Education

What is Digital Education?

Digital education is the use of digital technologies to aid and enhance learning across the full range of subjects. It can be by simply using devices such as phones and tablets within lessons to give teachers and students instant access to online resources. 

At MicroMaker we see digital education as the combining of subjects and resources to give students a real understanding of how technology interlinks with all subjects across the board and how it fits into everyday life. 

We have created what we call the digital education journey. This journey is a process of developing digital skills in the classroom with the aim to see students become competent and innovative with technology.


This is where it all begins!

The MicroMaker foundation kit range is the beginning of the road on your digital education journey. Our kits and lessons cover a range of subject areas including Science, Foreign Languages and Control. Along with the curriculum based lesson material provided, the kits will give an entry level understanding of how technology and programming can be used across a variety of subject areas.

Explore the innovator inside of you. Let your creativity run wild! By this stage in your digital education journey you will have experienced the capabilities that the micro:bit has to offer. You will have used your knowledge to create and program physical devices that use the micro:bit to control them.

The MicroMaker innovation kit takes creativity to a whole new level! The kit includes a vast array of components and sensors that can be connected and controlled by the micro:bit using the MicroMaker innovation boards connections.

There are a number of lessons available which offer step by step instructions on how to use and program the sensors and components included. Once you have completed these lessons it is up to you to turn on that creative brain and innovate!

The foundation kit range offers a overview look into how digital technology can be used in a variety of subjects in the curriculum. In keeping with the word foundation, the range keeps it simple and just touches on the various subjects.

The investigation range however takes subjects such as Science and Geography into more depth and uses digital technology to do it. The investigation range includes 2 kits; motion and advanced science. With these kits you can meet practical curriculum needs such as g by free fall and rates of reaction experiments that are essential to a student’s educational journey.

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