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All too often, educational facilities encounter a high degree of energy wastage occurring during day to day running of the site, which can be challenging to identify or address. Consistent wastage from both Gas and Electricity consumption is responsible for driving energy bills higher, month on month and year by year. This inefficiency increases the size of your School’s carbon footprint, contributing to national energy wastage in the UKRecent COP-26 proceedings held in Glasgow UK, between October – November 2021, highlighted that efficient energy planning has become a necessary reality, as the UK Government introduces greener measures.

A direct result of ScienceScope’s latest project developments, in partnership with SmartCool, the HOPES Sustainability Project has lead to the introduction of IoT based energy monitoring technologies to six Primary Schools in Bromley UK. Each school has installed our energy monitoring devices across their energy distribution network and are making use of the Hopes Sustainability Power Radar energy monitoring platform to highlight their current energy consumption. The Power Radar platform provided by Centrica Business Solutions allows participating schools to review energy monitoring data gathered throughout daily operations in order to diagnose potential issues and wastage that can be addressed to enable more efficient energy management.

The opportunity for your school to become involved in this project is still open! So, why not find out more on the Hopes Sustainability project landing page?

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The UK Government announced huge investment to shield schools from high energy bills and boost available budgets.

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