Congratulations to Downside School

2019-08-23 Off By Admin
Congratulations to Downside School

We are pleased to hear that both A level and GCSE exam results have improved further at Downside School this year. 

At A level, proportions of A* grades has risen to 15% from 11% in 2018 with individual pupils receiving 3 or more A*/A grades rising to 17% from 12% in 2018.

Nearly a third of total GCSE grades were 9 & 8 (A*) and half were 9-7 (A*/A). One of Downside’s biggest areas of success came in the STEM subjects which is mirrored by the introduction of new computer science courses in September 2019.

We look forward to working closely with the school over the next academic year to build upon these fantastic results and see pupils thrive and achieve excellence.