What is the BBC micro:bit?

What is the BBC micro:bit?
The BBC micro:bit provides an accessible introduction to coding which enables anyone to learn how to code in a fun and exciting way. It allows the user to develop their own programmes, games animations and music. In the autumn term the BBC, along with an extensive partnership, plans to give away around one million of the devices, primarily to children in year 7 or equivalent.

David Crellin, CEO of ScienceScope, says: “In a world where technology is transforming lives across the world our young people need to become experts in how this technology works. BBC Make it Digital, and the BBC micro:bit, will create a generation of young people who will learn how to solve problems using their own technology, using coding and electronics.”

The BBC micro:bit partnership
The BBC micro:bit project has been brought about by an extensive partnership of 29 organisations who have used their expertise and skills to develop a product which we hope will be life-changing for an entire generation

ScienceScope has been delighted to play a key role in the development of the project and has assisted with the design and testing of the BBC micro:bit, the development of the iOS app, project management and teacher engagement. Crucially, we will be working with Findell to distribute the micro:bits to schools and continuing to support schools once they receive their devices.

The other product partners and champions are:
ARM, Barclays, Bluetooth SIG, Bright Future, Cannybots, Cisco, Code Club, Code Kingdoms, CoderDojo, Creative Digital Solutions, CultureTECH, element14, Freescale, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Kitronik, Lancaster University, London Connected Learning Centre, Microsoft, My Mini Factory,  Nordic Semiconductor, Python Software Foundation, Samsung, STEMNET,  Technology Will Save Us, TeenTech, The Tinder Foundation and The Wellcome Trust.

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