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Pulse IR with ear clip

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This sensor measures pulse rate, and can be paired with either a standard chest strap for measurement during exercise, or an ear clip for measurement before and after exercise.

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This sensor can be used either in conjunction with a standard chest strap to measure heart rate during exercise or with an ear clip for before and after exercise. Wireless communication from the belt strap of the sensing device ensures reliable measurements, provided that the sensor is within approximately 1 metre of the wearer. The pulse sensor measures pulse rate from 0 to 240 beat per minute.
Pulse sensors come with an ear clip. Pulse Chest Strap (product code S1849) can be purchased separately.


Sensor Range:

  • 0-240 beats per min, res 1 beat per minute
  • Chest strap communicates wirelessly with sensor unit with a range of 0.8 m.
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 1 second

Applications Include:

  • Heart rate, before, during and after exercise
  • Recovery rate after exercise
  • Effects of mild stimulants (i.e. energy drinks)
  • Change of heart rate sitting, standing or moving

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Beat Period
  • Total beats


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