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Micro:bit Water Pump

£15.99 excl VAT

This water pump is for use with the BBC micro:bit. It can be programmed to work alongside the BBC micro:bit soil moisture sensor (S8012) to maintain healthy soil moisture levels.

The kit comes with the code you need for the BBC micro:bit to make the water pump pump water at regular intervals however, you can edit it to suit your own needs.



  • 1 x water pump
 *Micro:bit not included

Click the links below to download the code for this product. The download is a zip folder containing a PDF and images of the code as well as the hex file that can be opened in the micro:bit code editor at www.pxt.io

Water Pump Zip
Water Pump PDF
This code allows you to control the water pump using the A button on the micro:bit. Once the button is pressed the water will be pumped for 10 seconds.

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