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Microbit Tinker Kit

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Start your Digital Maker journey with the micro:bit and a variety of easy-to-use components! This kit comes our custom Breakout Board (BoB for short), a custom accessory for the micro:bit that lets you easily connect a wide variety of modules without having to deal with messy breadboard wires.

  • Great for the classroom: Expand the possibilities of students’ projects with a wide library of compatible modules!
  • Great for beginners: Drastically reduce the fear of making mistakes with wiring.
  • Great variety: Includes 10 modules to create a huge range of projects.
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Packing List
Micro:bit Battery Holder – 2xAA 1
 Micro:bit Breakout Board 1
Micro-B USB Cable 1
OLED Display 1
Mini Servo(1.6kg) 1
Octopus PIR sensor Brick 1
Octopus Soil Moisture Sensor Brick 1
Octopus ADKeypad 1
Octopus Crash Sensor Brick 1
Octopus Passive buzzer Brick OBPB01 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Red 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick – Green 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Blue 1
Octopus Analog Rotation Brick OBARot 1
Dimensiond & Weight
 19.5*13.5*6.5 cm
Relative Readings:
Intruder Detection

Fish Feeder

Plant Humidity Monitor

Burglar Alarm Device 

Motion Detector 

A Smart Light

Music Machine 

Lie Detector

Avoide the Asteroids

Maze Runner 




Remote Control Everything!

A Micro:bit Car

Electric Spirit Level

Flipping Pancakes

Micro:bit Game: Pitch Perfect

Finger Dexterity Micro:bit Game

Micro:bit Game: Space Shooter


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