Micro:bit Sound Cable

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The BBC micro:bit can be programmed using the ScienceScope sound cable to turn speakers on and off very fast at varied frequencies, which creates specific musical notes. The  sound cable enables you to connect the micro:bit to a set of headphones,  speakers or any other audio input and use it to play and compose music or investigate sound.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to learn how to programme music with the micro:bit.

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  • Extendable up to 900 mm
  • Connects micro:bit to speakers via a 3.5 mm jack input

*Micro:bit not included

Click the links below to download the code for this product. The download is a zip folder containing the code as a hex file that can be opened in the micro:bit code editor at pxt.microbit.org

3 Blind Mice Zip
This code uses micro:bit sound cable and some headphones or speakers you can make the micro:bit play 3 blind mice.