Logbook Primary ML Datalogger Pack of 5 Set

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The Logbook Primary ML is an easy to use datalogger aimed at primary school users. A simple 3 button operation has been used to allow the user to select auto-time or snapshot remote recording modes as well as an 8 file memory for remote recording with up to 500 points per channel. This pack of 5 set is everything you will to begin datalogging in your primary classroom with 5 dataloggers, software, USB leads and temperature probes included. This is a fantastic datalogging set that enables a classroom full of younger students to experience datalogging for possibly the first time as an exciting activity.

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Logbook Features:

  • Display metered values
  • Simple to use 3 button operation
  • 8 file memory for remaote recording with up to 500 points per channel


  • 5 x Primary ML datalogger
  • 5 x Logbook Graphing Primary software
  • 5 x USB lead
  • 5 x External temperature probe

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