IoT@School 3G Weather Station

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Here is the new IoT@School 3G Weather Station.

Create your own environmental data and compare it with other weather stations around the world using the IoT@School Exploratory. Use the ever-growing bank of IoT@School resources a find out how digital technologies and IoT can be used in the classroom.

Communicate and collaborate with schools around the world using the IoT@School collaborations blog and social media.

Connect to the IoT@School Exploratory using a 3G sim. Ideal for locations with a poor WiFi signal.

Includes 12 months of free device data storage and access to the IoT@School system. Get unlimited access to devices, data and resources from around the globe.

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Air Temperature
Rain Rate
Rain Total
Relative Humidity
Solar radiation
UV radiation
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Wind Gust
Wind Rose

Solar Radiation: 120k Lux
Wind speed:0-50m/s(0-100mph)
Accuracy:+/-1m/s(wind speed<5m/s)
+/-10%(wind speed>5m/s)
Temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
Rel.humidity range:1%-99%
Rain volume:0-9999mm
Resolution:0.3mm(if rain volume<1000mm)
1mm(if rain volume>1000mm)