Exploration Pack – Trekking the grove

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Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery today!

Suitable for children 11 years old and above

Difficulty: Beginner Level 3

What’s in the box?
All the components you need to embark on a journey to discover a landscape of digital making adventures!


SKU: S8100


The digital makers take the next steps after they have set up their basic camp and got things going. They aim to level up on their basic making to make their castaway life a little more comfortable. Some of them start foraging near their base camp and the remains of their boat to see what useful stuff they can salvage. It’s literally a treasure hunt where the best stuff isn’t gold or jewels but stuff like cardboard and wood!


Learning Points

  • Integration of electronic components by using different types of sensors to trigger different mechanism or devices
  • Tembusu Integration Board : Connects Grove modules to micro:bit
  • Grove Buzzer: Connects to digital output, emits tone with output is high
  • Grove Sound Sensor : Connects to analog output. Based on the LM358 amplifier and electret microphone. Used to detect sound strength of the environment.
  • Grove Rotary Angle Sensor: Produces analog output between 0 and VCC. The angular range is 300 degrees with linear change in value.
  • Mini Fan (DC motor) : Connects output to a DC motor. Turn on when pin is turned to high.
  • Grove LEDs: Display light effects from digital outputs.
  • Grove Moisture Sensor : Detects moisture level based on resistivity
  • Grove Mini Servo Motor: Output motion control device where its position can be precisely controlled
  • Vibration Motor: Connects to a digital output. When triggered high, it produces vibration effect.
  • Light Sensors : Detects level of ambient illumination to trigger light brightness.
  • Grove cables: Easy to use plug-and-play connectors in various length