Micro:bit Classroom Pack of 10 in Gratnells Tray

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The BBC micro:bit is here!

The wait is finally over; the BBC micro:bit is now available for pre-order with expected delivery in late June/early July!

The BBC micro:bit is a small handheld device designed specifically to make coding accessible and straight forward to teach and learn. It enables someone who has never coded anything before to programme simple games and animations within minutes. This multipack includes a handy gratnells storage tray and the key accessories you need to use the micro:bit in the classroom.

The micro:bit was designed by the BBC along with an extensive partnership to provide an accessible introduction to coding. Earlier in the year the partnership gave away one million of the devices to year 7 students in the UK. Now it is possible to purchase your own BBC micro:bits for use in school.


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The BBC micro:bit provides an accessible introduction to coding which enables anyone to learn how to code in a fun, exciting and practical way. It allows the user to develop their own programmes, games animations and music. This multipack includes a handy gratnells storage tray and the key accessories you need to start using the micro:bit in the classroom.

  • 10  x V2 BBC micro:bits
  • 1 x Gratnells tray
  • 10 x USB connectors
  • 10 x Battery packs

Using the micro:bit’s onboard Bluetooth smart technology you can connect to bluetooth enabled devices such as phones and tablets. Programming and connecting the BBC micro:bit couldn’t be easier with the Android app developed by Samsung and the iOS app developed by ScienceScope and Insight Resources.
Download the BBC micro:bit iOS app from the Apple Store
Download the BBC micro:bit Android App from the play store

Online Resources
Microsoft has developed a free cloud-based coding environment with two new coding languages; Touch Develop and Block Editor.

  • Touch Develop is a text-based coding language with pre built functions that enable instant practical application using the micro:bit onboard features including the LED matrix screen and several sensors.
  • Block Editor is a simple to use graphical coding language that enables the user to code by joining blocks together. Again this offers pre built functions to enable use of the micro:bit’s onboard features.

On Board BBC microbit Quick Start Guide Open Lesson 3 BBC microbit Quick Start Guide Open BBC microbit Quick Start Guide

  • 2 x programmable buttons
  • Onboard accelerometer
  • Onboard compass
  • Bluetooth smart technology antenna
  • Processor (cortex MO)
  • 5 x 4mm input and output (I/O) rings
  • Edge connector
  • Micro USB connection
  • Reset button
  • JST connection

BBC safety advice for the micro:bit

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