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Altitude and Barometer

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This sensor can be used to measure barometric pressure or altitude. Ideal for investigating weather changes or elevation, for example on a theme park ride.

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This sensor can be used to measure barometric pressure, for monitoring weather changes, or to measure altitude, when used in the field. The Altimeter is suitable for use from sea level to any altitude and can measure elevation directly such as on a theme park ride.


Sensor Range:

  • 830 to 1150 mbar, res 0.5 mbar
  • 300 to 1100 mbar, res 1 mbar
  • -300 to 500m, res 1m
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 100 ms

Applications Include:

  • Investigating the weather
  • Change in elevation
  • Measuring height on a walk or at a theme park

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Altitude


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