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AC MilliVolt

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This sensor, designed to measure low level voltage AC signals, is ideal for investigating the frequency response of circuits or the waveform of an AC signal.

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This sensor is designed to measure the level of low voltage AC signals, either on a logarithmic scale (dBu’s) or as an AC coupled wave form. It is ideal for investigating the frequency response of circuits or the waveform of an AC signal. With the mains Joulemeter attachment it can be used to investigate the power consumption of mains powered devices. This sensor has a dBu level range and a wave range.


Sensor Range:

  • ±2V AC, res 5 mV AC
  • +5 to -75 dBu, res 0.1 dBu
  • Minimum recommended recording interval is 50 μs

Applications Include:

  • Frequency response of a simple RC filter
  • Measurement of AC signal levels

Also Use This Sensor To Measure:

  • Mains power
  • Mains energy
  • RMS Voltage


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