The micro:bit Rookie

Making Micro:bit Music (6/7/2017) - It’s been a couple of weeks and I confess I’m rusty. Riding high on a sea of ‘I feel confident about micro:bits now’ I was brought back down to earth when my colleague said ‘come on just program button A, you wrote about it in your blog post. How can you have forgotten?!’ So today […]
Navigating the environment (4/5/2017) - I hear this word ‘environment’ bounded around the office all the time. I decided to quiz my incredibly smart work colleague about exactly what an environment was. I thought I grasped it at first ‘it’s basically how you develop software for a given piece of hardware’. Seems straightforward enough. But then he began describing one […]
Getting acquainted (4/5/2017) - So I’m sitting at my desk faced with a micro:bit. I have to confess I have been putting off this day for a long time. Working as a graphic designer for the last few years I have been able to dance around the periphery of the products we design and sell, making them look pretty […]

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