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2015-09-07 0 By Admin
generic IOT logger

A peak inside our new IOT logger

At ScienceScope we are always developing new products and expanding our range. This year a number of exciting new products are in development for sensing, datalogging and coding. Read more below:

Internet of Things Dataloggers
We have designed a new streamlined Internet of Things logger. It has an inbuilt temperature and light sensor and can be connected to a wide range of other sensors so that you can measure anything from the pollution levels in the school car park to the noise levels near your house. The logger uploads data straight to the cloud and is ideal for use with the Internet of Things. You can share your data with others all over the world as well as comparing your data to theirs. We will be using these dataloggers for our pioneering Singapore Internet of School Things project.

Soil sensors
Our soil moisture sensor is being developed to measure soil moisture content on a six point scale.  It will be ideal for investigations to identify the optimum soil moisture content for a variety of plant growth. The level of soil moisture can also help to determine the soil’s condition. You could use the sensor to notify you when the soil moisture gets too low or even build an automatic watering system for your plants. Take your soil investigation further using pH sensors which will also be available soon.

action screwdriver-small

An Arduino compatible Coderkit

The new computing curriculum being brought out in September this year for Primary and Secondary levels has inspired us to design a new kit that will help introduce students to electronics and programming by creating simple circuit boards and writing code to produce fun devices.  The kits will include basic circuit board templates, conductive paint,  a micro processor, leds and other components. They are currently Arduino compatible and are being developed to be compatible with the BBC micro:bit. Find out more on our Coderkit website.

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